Complete Propulsion Systems

We supply complete propulsion systems, including CP gearbox, flexible coupling, PTO’s, mechanical or electronic remote control system, intermediate and propeller shaft, stern tube with your choice of lubrication system, CP propeller and thrust nozzle.

CP Propellers

Our CP Propellers range in diameters from 750 mm to 4000 mm and a power range from 150 HP to 4500 HP. All delivered Controllable Pitch Propellers are made-to-order.Read More

CP Gearboxes

We deliver Controllable Pitch Gearboxes in power ranges from 300 – 4500 HP. Each CP Gearbox is designed and manufactured specifically to the customer’s specifications.Read More

Pitch Control Units

We manufacture Pitch Control Units for installations with a standard gearbox without built in pitch control..
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Our two types of thrusters are produced in ranges from 20 – 2700 HP. We manufacture the following types:
– Tunnel Thrusters.
– Retractable Swing Thrusters.
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