CP Propellers

All of our Controllable Pitch Propellers are made-to-order. We manufacture CP Propellers in diameters from 750 mm to 4000 mm and a power range from 150 HP to 4500 HP.Read More

CP Gearboxes

Our Controllable Pitch Gearboxes can be delivered in power ranges from 300 – 4500 HP. Each CP Gearbox is designed and manufactured specifically to the customer’s specifications.Read More


We manufacture two types of thrusters, with a power range from 20 – 2700 HP:
– Tunnel Thrusters.
– Retractable Swing Thrusters.
Read More

Why Choose Us

  • Been in business since 1921. Since then we have supplied more than 9000 propeller units
  • We are very flexible when it comes to designing special solutions
  • Everything from the design to manufacturing and assembly is done in house
  • Our priority is simple but sturdy design
  • A high level of service is very important to us