The story behind Hundested Propeller A/S

In 1921 blacksmith August Jørgensen and engineer Johannes Højsgaard founded “Jørgensen & Højsgaard Engineering Company”. Today we are known as Hundested Propeller A/S. In the beginning the company carried out repair and maintenance work on the local fishing vessel engines.

In 1928 a new era was introduced when a fisherman wanted a new engine. And then the company began to manufacture the engines themselves, the first being a 22 HP diesel. In 1990 the last of the Hundested engines was delivered.

We began manufacturing our own controllable pitch propellers for the Hundested engines in 1929. And in the 1950´s we started to produce propeller units for other engine makers. Controllable pitch propeller systems are now our core business.

In 1985 we introduced our first reduction gearbox with integrated pitch control.

Our line of bow- and stern thrusters was also introduced in 1985.

In 1998 Mogens Christensen purchased Hundested Propeller A/S from the family who founded the company. This change in ownership took place in connection with the relocation of the whole factory to more modern facilities.